A Travel to the East

For the seventh consecutive year, the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana has been preparing an exhibition of academic books Liber.ac, in which 28 representatives of the educational and academic literature publishers will participate. The exhibition will be held in the Foersterjev Park (v Foersterjevem parku), behind the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana from 24 until 26 May 2016.

The current events program is marked with an Asian flavour, because this year the University celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Asian Studies Program in Ljubljana, which is carried out by the Department of Asian Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana.

During the three days of the exhibition, its visitors will be introduced to the Japanese tea ceremony, an element of traditional Korean hanbok dress and the official Korean greeting, as well as will be able to watch a magazine of the popular Japanese characters suits — from manga and anime, and listen to the concert of Japanese, Chinese, and Indian music. There will be also a workshop for children, where they will learn how to make paper, get acquainted with the Japanese dance, chat with the guests from China, and will be able to participate in a great many of other fun activities.

During all days of the exhibition, the bookstalls will be working in the Park, where 28 participants from all over Slovenia will present publications designed for the general reader.

Most of the events will take place in the Foersterjev Park with free admission for everyone. The events to be held within the Faculty premises, in the Cankar House, and Cinematheque will also be free.

In the event of rainy weather, the activities planned in the park will be transferred to the Faculty premises.


For more information about Liber.acu and the events program, please follow the link: ff.uni-lj.si

Source: uni-lj.si