A Turkish Holding Plans to Purchase a Factory in the Village of Otiški Vrh

An abandoned factory for the production of chipboards has already been visited by its new potential owners. The Yildizlar Yatirim Holding (Turkey), which bought a similar production facility from the Austrian leasing company Heta Asset Resolution for 2 million euros, plans to purchase a bankrupt factory for 7.5 million euros. The new owners are forecasting the opening of 500 workplaces and investments of 40 million euros.

It is assumed that the purchase agreement will be signed in the near future, and production at the facility will be launched as quickly as possible (within 6 months). To launch the factory, the Holding needs about 2.5 million euros. At the factory, which can annually produce up to 300 thousand cubic metres of wood chipboards, 170 workplaces will be opened first. Gradually, the staff will be increased to 500 people.

“This is the first step towards resuscitation of one of the woodworking centres, which in the past went through bankruptcy. It was necessary to apply much effort and attract all interested parties. The Turks are ready to provide repair of the factory in the village of Otiški Vrh. Negotiations lasted more than two months. As a result, we received a letter of intent. It agreed with the Turkish partners the way we will assist them in repairing the factory in accordance with the rules provided for by the law. A letter of intent will be followed in the coming days by an agreement on the factory purchase,” says Zlatko Ficko, the Head of Slovenski državni gozdovi.

According to the agreement between the Turkish investor and the Slovenski državni gozdovi Company, the Government will provide 35% of the raw materials needed to start the production. The remaining volume will be purchased from private individuals. This will be the wood of lower quality.

The Yildizlar Yatirim Holding is a family company with 3 thousand employees in 50 countries of the world, which opened its own company in Ljubljana with the purpose of purchasing a factory. The subsidiary company is headed by Kökyazici Ediz Hasmet. Its sphere of interest is not only wood processing, but also chemical and steel industry. Its main task is the fastest start-up of production at the factory in the village of Otiški Vrh. Later, this facility will produced not only wood chipboards, but also furniture. Last year, the Holding generated 400 million euros of profit.

Source: delo.si