A Visit of the Italian Delegation to the University of Nova Gorica

Several days ago, on 10 May 2016, 40 students and 6 teachers from the Italian chemical engineering and secondary vocational school “D’Annunzio” in Gorizia visited the University of Nova Gorica.

As part of the Voda training project, which studies the quality of water in the river Soča and its tributaries, the students of the “Environmental and Health Biotechnologies” program sampled water from the river Vipava.

Upon completion of the field works in the Lantieri mansion, the Italian guests attended the presentation of the University of Nova Gorica and its study programs, and then expanded their knowledge about the quality of water in the tributaries of the Soča river during the lecture by Dr. Sjusana Zhizhek called “Mercury in the Idritsa river”. The Faculty of Environmental Sciences and the Environmental Research Laboratory prepared for the students an interesting seminar on the “Spectroscopy with Thermal Lenses”, which was held by Mojca Zhorzh.

During the excursion in the Lantieri mansion, the guests also met with Master Marco Lesico and the VŠVV students (the Viticulture and Enology College) in the Students Laboratory, and got acquainted with the process of wine analysis.

In the spirit of the successfully conducted event, the Slovenian and Italian colleagues are in tune for further strengthening of their cross-border cooperation.

 Source: facebook.com