A Work by Professor from Slovenia Is Published in International Magazine

The Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine published an overview of current trends and the original expression of visual arts. An artistic composition “Round Mirror” of the Maribor University professor Oto Rimele was published in the overview. The rectangular construction of the image is formed by 7 separate verticals. Their reflections appear on the wall in rounded forms. According to the author, this is how a viewer can communicate with an intangible object.

Oto Rimele has been working in the field of art since 1999. As the professor notes, he studies the special language of artistic images that “generate the glow of colourful reflections,” while the side and rear parts of the image are actively involved as well.

In 2014, Rimele received an award for his achievements and creative contribution to the arts. The Prize of the Prešeren Foundation was awarded to the professor for his Iluminacije art exhibition.

Source: um.si