ABC Start-Up Is a Good Example for Slovenia

The Slovenian ABC Accelerator business incubator is expanding its network in Germany, India and the United States. In October, 30 teams will join its fourth program.

Ljubljana. The Prime Minister Miro Cerar has recently visited the ABC business incubator office. ABC is gaining a reputation in the world of start-ups and among investors by expanding its network abroad. In late June, its representatives opened the Venture Gates in the former international airport in Munich.

While in October this year, ABC launches the fourth three-month program covering the topic of the Internet in Ljubljana. It will open doors for even greater number of participants, because the program will involve 30 start-ups. Registration to participate in the fourth program will be open until 31 July. Afterwards, 10 selected start-ups will work directly with the Silicon Valley.

У торговому центрі BTC в минулому році відкрили бізнес-інкубатор Acceleration Business City Hub для нових підприємницьких ідей, проектів, зустрічей і створення творчого простору

Last year, the “Acceleration Business City Hub” business incubator was opened in the BTC Trade Centre for new business ideas, projects, meetings, and creative space provision.


It is highly important to expand the range of jobs available for young people.

The ABC business incubator is considered an important partner of the government of Slovenia, which acts as the Green Recipient State (Zelene referenčne države) within the digital Europe. Therefore, the Prime Minister Miro Cerar has twice visited its office in Ljubljana.

“Today I am here to support and congratulate the young people who through the ABC business incubator among others proof that they can be pushy, inventive and daring,” Miro Cerar said after the meeting with the leadership of the business incubator.

“These projects make our country recognizable on the map of the world and are the factor that gives young people an opportunity of expressing themselves, stimulates inventive and creative youth who is in need of organized assistance. This is an excellent practical example, which can be adopted throughout Slovenia. The major international companies and experts come here from around the world. They express recognition and support for this project,” the Prime Minister said.


We would appreciate any help.

The founder and director of the business incubator Dejan Roljić noted that they would appreciate any help, which could open the way for people. “This does not mean that politics is involved in the business, but only that everyone can contribute to help our project. Of course, we will present an opinion on the state apparatus digitization. It should be noted that Estonian businessmen have already visited us to see how we run things here, and that’s worth its weight in gold,” Roljić adds.

The aim of the government project is to present Slovenia as one of the countries ready to use digital technology and services at all functional levels—for the citizens, the government, and the society. In the context of the European Electronic Platform (in Slovenian—”Digitalne agende”) and the unified European electronic market, this is Slovenia that may become a so-called recipient state and an active conductor of the ICT-driven digital transformation in Europe.

Thus, it becomes possible to implement innovative business models based on the partnership between the state and the economy in order to implement digital solutions aimed at improving the work of the state apparatus, creating a more mobile society, and achieving a high quality of life.