Academia Maribor Unleashes Creativity

Ljubljana is undoubtedly the centre of professional creative education in Slovenia. However, the second largest city in Slovenia also provides great opportunities for future photographers, sound engineers and designers. Academia Maribor is located in the city of Maribor.

Academia prepares students on Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and also offers short-term vocational study programmes. These are one- or two-year training programmes similar to the first year of studies at a Bachelor’s degree programme. After successful completion of training, programme leavers can immediately start a professional career or continue their education in the second or third year of a Bachelor’s degree programme.

Academia Maribor is an educational institution accredited according to the British Higher National Diploma (HND) programme. This means that the diploma obtained under the “short cycle” programme is recognized in the UK, and graduates can continue their studies on a chosen programme at any British university.

The Academia comprises the School of Business, the School of Engineering and the School of Media Production. Applicants who would like to try their hand at creative professions should pay attention to the School of Media Production. It trains specialists in five areas: audio production, video production, graphic design, website development and photography.

The curriculum for the above programmes includes such disciplines as Introduction to the Media, Economics, Media Legislation and Marketing, Multimedia Technologies and Photography Basics, Computer Graphics, Media Arts and Visual Communications, Media Production Organization and Management, Media Communication, Entrepreneurship, etc. Lecturers of the schools are the experts practicing in the field of media content production.

The School of Media Production pays great attention to practical experience in the chosen professional field. In addition to theoretical subjects, students regularly perform and present design projects on selected programmes.

The curriculum of each course includes a mandatory visit to the leading companies in the media content production market. Students directly communicate with experts in their field of specialization and observe the work process from the inside. The curriculum also includes 800 hours of internship in media corporations.

Within each discipline, there are so-called “guest lectures”. Students have the opportunity to communicate with invited experts in the field of sound engineering, audio production, graphic design, production of websites and photography.

Thus, by the time of graduation, a student has enough material for a full-fledged creative portfolio. Its presence will be an absolute plus for further employment.

To apply for short-term programmes offered at the School of Media Production, entrants must submit a certificate of complete secondary education.

Since all subjects are taught in English, applicants must confirm their level of English. The Academy recognizes the ELSA, TOELF iBT, IELTS and FCA certificates. The Academy may also consider other official documents confirming their knowledge of the language.

For those, who passed training under a similar programme, the Academy can partially take into account the hours of the subjects that have already been studied.

After the end of the “short cycle” programme, graduates receive a state-recognized diploma and an application with detailed information about the completed study programme and the professional skills acquired during the course of studies.

We hope that this information can help you choose your future profession and a suitable educational institution. We continue talking about creative vocational education in Slovenia. Our next article will provide information on the Slovenian educational institutions, in which professional dancers are trained.

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