According to the Manpower Study, Slovenian Employers Plan to Open More New Work Places in 2019

For the second quarter in a row, Slovenian employers have the most optimistic employment forecasts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In such industries as retail and wholesale trade and mining, employment forecasts are the most positive for the last 8 years (+21% and +16%, respectively).

The net employment forecast for Slovenia in view of seasonal adjustment is +19%. At the beginning of 2019, the majority of new vacancies will be opened in the central region of the country (net employment forecast +20%). For comparison, the net employment forecast for the Southeast statistical region is +14%, and for the Northeast and Southwest regions – +12%.

As noted in the Manpower study, specialists in the construction and manufacturing fields will be in highest demand with the net employment forecast equalling to +26%. They are followed by the fields of finance and services for business, insurance, real estate, as well as transportation, logistics and communications with a stable net forecast of +23%.

The growth of employment opportunities is recorded in 7 out of 10 sectors of the country’s economy. It is most significant in the electricity, gas and water supply (+12%), as well as in finance and services for business, insurance, real estate (+11%) and in construction (+10%).