ACH Volley Is 14-Time Champion of Slovenia in Volleyball

Ljubljana ACH Volley Club became the 14-time champion of Slovenia in volleyball. In the fifth match of the best-of-five series, it defeated the last year’s champion Calcit Volleyball (Kamnik) with an overall scoring of 3:2.

ACH Volley won the League title for the thirteenth time in a row and the sixth time in a row since the Club moved from Bled to Ljubljana. Calcit has three championship victories, the last of which dates from the year 2003. In the first match of the final series held in Ljubljana, the volleyball players from Kamnik managed to win. In the second match in Kamnik, ACH evened the score and won the next meeting. In the fourth match, the Calcit volleyball players levelled the score (2:2) and played the deciding match in Tivoli, in which the home team proved to be stronger.

ACH Volley captured the initiative from the outset. Great defensive play and successful neutralization of opponent’s serves enabled the homers to finish the first play interval with “+5” scores ahead. By the end of the second interval, the volleyball players from Kamnik managed to level the score (13:13) and even jump ahead for the first time in the match (15:14). However, in general the homers remained the leaders of the first period (22:19).

The second period as well turned out to be successfully for the trainees of Zoran Kedačič, while the volleyball players from Kamnik had a hard time completing the attacks. Apostolos Armenakis’s ace brought a four-point handicap (10:6) to the homers. By the end of the second interval, the visiting team managed to bring down the score to three points, but then the capital volleyball players had a successful interval and again increased the lead (21:15).

During the third interval, the ACH volleyball players continued attacking successfully, and the visitors repeatedly failed to hold down Apostolos Armenakis, Žiga Štern and Jan Pokeršnik. Nonetheless, Calcit Volleyball did not leave it as that and with a series of four precise consecutive hits evened the score to 10:10. The equality, however, did not last long. Before the second technical break, the homers again jumped ahead (16:12). As soon as the next interval started, successful playing of Kozamernik allowed the Ljubljana volleyball players to take advantage of three mistakes made by the visitors and increase the score gap to seven points (14:21). Žiga Štern put a victory period to the match and brought the title of the country champion to his Club.

Finals, the fifth match:

ACH Volley–Calcit Volleyball 3:2
3:0 (21, 19, 17)

ACH Volley: Flajs, Kozamernik (8), Kovačič, Purić (5), Satler, Pleško, Jurić, Štern (13), Pokeršnik (9), Buculjević (3), Armenakis (15).

Calcit Volleyball: Štalekar (3), Hribar, Golob, Novljan, Ratek, Okroglič, Vidmar (1), Pereira (12), Brulec (2), Lakner, Kotnik (4), Štembergar Zupan (10), Videčnik (4), Konjedic.