Agitavit Solutions—a Small Slovenian Company with Great Prospects

In 2016, Agitavit Solutions received 3.9 million euros in revenues and 688,000 euros in net profit. In the field of information and communication technologies, the Company cooperates with such well-known entities as Sandoz Group, Hilti Corporation, Microsoft, Axalta Coating Systems, Bayerische Versorgunskammer, Münchensko letališče, Kolektor Group and Krka. The Company offers modern technological solutions for large and medium-sized businesses.

Anka Brus

According to Anka Brus, the head of Agitavit Solutions, this year the Company’s revenues will grow by 15% and cause the necessity to create new vacancies. “In 2017, we have already hired 6 new employees, but our team will continue to grow and develop,” stressed Brus. Today the Company employs 80 people.

Agitavit is looking for software developers, project managers and consultants. However, the search for a qualified employee today is not an easy task, because in the market for information and communication technologies (ICT) the supply of vacancies exceeds their demand.

Agitavit spent 5 years to earn its first million euros. Over the next 8 years (2008–2016), the Company’s revenues more than tripled. In 2013–2016, the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) indicating profitability and investment attractiveness tripled up to more than 800,000 euros.

Among the Company’s priority goals is the growth of added value per one employee, which in 2016 exceeded 55,000 euros. The second important goal is to increase turnover. By the end of 2017, it is planned to receive an income of 4.5 million US dollars. Among other goals, Anka Brus notes expanding the range of services and solutions within the cloud service format and increasing the share of foreign markets, which now accounts for more than 70% of the Company’s revenues.

Agitavit Solutions expects to increase the share of its presence in the German market, which remains the key direction for the Company. “We are actively looking for new opportunities by visiting potential customers, participating in exhibitions, competitions and conferences,” Anka Brus says.

The Agitavit Company adheres to important rules when working with clients. Firstly, it is a search for the optimal solution. Secondly, it is a constant communication with client. “It is important that the client trusts you, believes that you will successfully implement the project.” Entering a contract does not mean the end of the work, Anka Brus stresses. Among the satisfied customers, there are a lot of clients who are planning to repurchase a product/service.

Anka Brus identifies two of the most promising sectors for Agitavit—Internet of Things and Forecasting Analytics. The latter will be much in demand in the foreseeable future, because it will allow better understanding of the specifics of doing business and choosing the best solutions. This is related to the idea of ​​the “fourth industrial revolution” and the digitization of production processes, thanks to which, companies will possess a huge array of information that will need to be used competently.