AJKTM 2017 Competition

On 3–5 May, the University of Maribor Civil Engineering Faculty holds the eighth international competition for technical students on the construction of spaghetti bridges – Ali je kaj trden most – AJKTM 2017.

In an effort to popularize engineering study programs, the organisers enlisted the support of the Secondary Construction School and Gymnasium of Maribor and invited pupils of basic schools (1–9 forms) to participate in the AJKTM mini-competition. On 5 May, in the Secondary Construction School and Gymnasium of Maribor, schoolchildren will build spaghetti bridges of a smaller scale with a span of 40 cm. Students will present their works at the closing ceremony of the competition.

In total, the competition involves 130 people from 21 educational institutions. They are from Egypt, Turkey, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. The competition is held in the Borut Pečenko room.

The closing ceremony will be held on 5 May at 3:00 p.m. in the Borut Pečenko room.

AJKTM 2017 in Figures:

  1. 3-day competition,
  2. 31 teams participating in the main AJKTM competition (including 16 foreign teams),
  3. 10 teams participating in the AJKTM mini-competition for pupils of basic schools (1–9 forms),
  4. 21 educational institutions,
  5. 130 participants,
  6. 9 countries.

Competition Rules:

  1. Bridge span (a distance between pillars): 90 cm.
  2. Bridge width (a distance between its ends perpendicular to the axis): up to 20 cm.
  3. Bridge height: not limited, but the distance between the axis and the bottom-most point of the bridge below the axis should not exceed 2 cm.
  4. Longitudinal profile (a free profile, which should be just above the axis across the whole bridge length): width – 10 cm, height – 5 cm.
  5. Weight: up to 1,300 g.

Source: fgpa.um.si