Akrapovič Company Increases Sales and Profits

During the first half of the year, the Company gained 10.5 million euro in net profit, which is 70% more than the same period last year and one third above the plan.

Ivančna Gorica, Črnomelj. In the first half of the year, the Akrapovič Company, a manufacturer of exhaust systems for cars and motorcycles sold products for the amount of 53.6 million euros and by 21% exceeded the last year’s figure. At the same time, the Company gained 10.5 million euro in net profit, which is 70% more than the same period last year and 30% above the plan.

The chief financial officer Matej Akrapovič in his interview to STA explains that this year’s increase in profits, after moving the production capacities to Črnomelj last year, is mainly related to their optimization and work on achieving maximum results.


New Premises for a Five-Year Perspective

The Akrapovič Company has optimized its manufacture in Črnomelj. Together with the new logistics centre, it possesses premises with a total area of 23,000 m2, which is sufficient for the next five years in case of preserving the current pace of development. At the beginning of 2016, the Company employed 640 people, and this year it hired 40 more employees.

Last year in Črnomelj, about 250 people who come from the region of Bela Krajina obtained new jobs. Currently only the temporary forms of employment are planned before the end of this year (due to the regular staff’s maternity and childcare leaves). The Company also needs 10 experienced welders who are difficult to find due to the small supply on the local labour market.

After moving production capacities to Črnomelj, the Company kept its administration office in Ivančna Gorica as sell as the development and pre-production department and two workshops—the foundry workshop and the tool producing workshop.


The Company Plans to Expand its Staff

The Company plans to gradually expand the staff in Črnomelj. At the current rate of growth, only in the region of Bela Krajina the Company can create about 800 new vacancies by the end of 2019. Together with the workers employed in Ivančna Gorica, the total number of employees would reach about 1,000 people.

The main category of the Company’s products (70—75% of sales) comprises the exhaust systems for motorcycles. Similar systems for motor vehicles, the sales volume of which is constantly growing, today demonstrate the 25–30% indicator.

“The bulk of sales falls to the EU markets, such as Germany, France and Italy. The product sales in the US and China grow as well. However, in Slovenia, less than 1% of products is sold,” Matej Akrapovič states


Source: delo.si