All You Need to Know about the Rise of Alexander Čeferin: “I Am not Anyone’s String Puppet”

Все про зліт Олександра Чичеріна: «Я не є чиєюсь маріонеткою»Who is Alexander Čeferin — a personality that is the main subject matter of discussions around the whole of Europe and the entire global football community? What is he like a man, not as a lawyer, the head of the Slovenian Federation of Football and now the UEFA president? Čeferin speaks reluctantly about his personal life, but always makes it clear that his family support is of major importance for him. He is a passionate dog owner. He has as many as four faithful dogs.

He is a fighter. A wilful person. The story told by his father, a famous Slovenian lawyer Peter Čeferin, about 4-year-old Alexander who went for a walk with his dog, has already become a legend during the current week. The dog wanted to run back home, but Alexander was holding firmly the lead. The dog dragged him along the ground, but Alexander still held on to the lead. And so the two of them returned home — the dog was pulling the lead, and Alexander did not give up — such is his stubbornness, says the father. “When I asked him what salary he would receive, Alexander replied that was the problem of those in the UEFA,” Peter Čeferin said.

Все про зліт Олександра Чичеріна: «Я не є чиєюсь маріонеткою»

Все про зліт Олександра Чичеріна: «Я не є чиєюсь маріонеткою»Alexander Čeferin loves forest, nature, and sports. His house is located in Kočevski gozd. Black belt — the second dan rank in karate. His favourite football player is Brazilian Ronaldo. His favourite athlete is Michael Jordan. Before electing him to the post of the Slovenian Football Federation President, he had been often riding a bike or an off-road vehicle in the Sahara. He was not an excellent student, but he has leadership skills and charisma. Alexander Čeferin notes that, in spite of electing him as the UEFA president, he will continue living with his family in Slovenia so far. His favourite book is “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. His favourite movie is “The Name of the Rose.”