Alma Mater Europaea Students: Future Physiotherapists to Receive Scholarships from Austrian Clinics with Subsequent Employment

In the 2019/2020 academic year, 20 students of Alma Mater Europaea studying under the Physiotherapy programme will receive the first scholarships from small Austrian hospitals and rehabilitation clinics (private and publicly funded) located in the territory from Bad Radkersburg to Deutschlandsberg. According to the head of the international department of Alma Mater Europaea Goran Gumze, an agreement was reached with the Austrian partners on co-financing the education of scholarship holders. The representative of the educational institution specifies that two-thirds of the education cost is covered by the Austrian side, and one third – by the student.

Taking into account the rapid development of the network of medical and tourism institutions, especially in resort tourism, the need of Austrians for physiotherapists is so strong that they not only hire Slovenian specialists but also provide scholarships to Slovenian students. In particular, we are talking about graduates of Alma Mater Europaea. A scholarship granting Austrian employer undertakes to employ the students. The annual scholarship to a student assumes 1 year of subsequent employment with the same Austrian employer. Thus, the students studying under the Physiotherapy programme at Alma Mater Europaea, when completing their training, do not need to worry about finding a job.

It should be added that training at the Bachelor’s degree programme in Physiotherapy at Alma Mater Europaea lasts 3 years. The tuition fee is 3,900 EUR per year.