American GQ Magazine: Melanie Trump Has a Half-Sibling

In its latest edition, the American men’s magazine GQ reports that Melania (Melanie) Trump — the wife of the US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, — has a 50-year-old half-sibling, Dennis, in the city of Hrastnik. Their common father has never owned Dennis as his son, though he was alimenting until Dennis reached his 18th birthday.

Мелані Трамп

New York. The magazine appeals to the court documents and the lifetime testimony of Maria Tsigelnjak, who informed Victor Knavs about her pregnancy in 1964. Supposedly, the Melanie Knavs’s father first proposed Maria to get married, but then changed his mind and asked for an abortion. Later, he was concealing his paternity.

His son was born in May 1965, and Dennis’s mother filed a claim for alimony payment. Knavs lost the lawsuit, having exhausted all legal possibilities. The DNA test proved his paternity.

In his interview with GQ, Dennis said that his mother, who had died a few years ago, had never been married again and had no more children. He himself did not try to establish any contacts with the Knavs family because he did not want to disturb them and needed nothing from the Knavs or from Donald Trump. However, he would not be against meeting with his half-siblings — Melanie and Iness. Victor Knavs has never met Dennis, who believes that Melanie does not know about his existence.

In her interview with GQ, the wife of a New York billionaire at first denied the veracity of the already-reported news. However, she later received court documents from Slovenia and stated that she had got to know about that nuance long time ago and asked to respect the confidentiality of her father’s private life.

The article further reports that the beauty of Slovenian origin was not encouraged by the first husband’s decision to nominate his candidacy for the US presidency and advised him to think properly. Now she fully supports her husband and from time to time participates in the Republican Party meetings.

She is totally devoted to their common son — 10-year-old Barron. When she together with her husband attends the election campaign, their son is under reliable supervision, as Melania noted.

The Magazine describes her as a polite, reserved and calm woman with a little twisting “Transylvanian” accent.

In addition to the known data, the Magazine also brings forward a few lesser-known facts. For example, a comment that Donald Trump gave to an infamous radio host Howard Stern several years ago. Where he noted that Melania was a perfect wife who never burdened and bothered him. She was an educated and well-mannered woman. The key to success was a separate bathroom.

Melania also told to the GQ, Magazine that she loved a lot her wonderful childhood in Slovenia. Her son Barron was fluent in Slovenian, which was the language of communication with his grandfather Viktor and grandmother Amalia, who had moved to live in New York.

Adapted from STA