An Exhibition of Two-metre Easter Eggs Is Opened in Koprivnica

On the eve of the approaching Easter holiday, an exhibition of two-metre Easter eggs has been recently opened on the central square of Koprivnica. Artists from the Croatian region of Podravina painted giant Easter eggs. The artists depicted traditional Easter motifs as well as various situations from everyday life, landscapes and sights.

Local residents, passing through the square, look with interest at the Easter eggs, which are yet to “travel” to Brno, Bratislava and other cities. The traveling exhibition will be organized in 80 cities of Europe as a sign of friendship between the countries.

It is worth mentioning that this year the Slovenes will celebrate Easter on 1 April (the majority of the inhabitants of the country are Catholics). This holiday is very popular in Slovenia. It is interesting that a chicken is the main Easter character in Slovenia. Therefore, this little bird is the most popular gift: chicken-candles, plush chickens, chocolate chickens, and cards with chickens—all these things are common gifts for Easter in Slovenia.