An International Competition of Innovative Digital Solutions Is Held with the Support of Europe for Citizens Programme

Within the framework of the YOU4EU – Citizen Participation 2.0 project (YOU4EU – Sodelovanje državljanov 2.0), an international competition of innovative digital solutions is being held with the support of Europe for Citizens (Evropa za državljane) programme. The competition is organised by the Belgrade Open School, Gong. PiNA, Institute Alternative, Access Info Europe.

The target audience of the competition includes students, activists, organizations, start-ups, and non-government initiatives. Both individual and team participation are possible. Participating countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

The purpose of the competition is to develop access to the user open source digital solutions (online tools, portals, communication tools, mobile applications, etc.) in order to improve management processes, achieve greater transparency and strengthen democracy.

Project ideas will be evaluated based on the following criteria: community impact, innovation, implementation potential, sustainability, and the framework of open data usage. The evaluation committee, which will include external experts and representatives of a consortium of organizations participating in the YOU4EU project, will decide on the best project ideas within two rounds of the competition.

Upon completion of the selection, a maximum of five finalists (teams or individuals) will be invited to present their ideas at the final event, where the winning idea will be announced and the award for developing a digital tool will be presented.

The award for the best solution will amount to 2,000 EUR. Applications for participation are accepted until 15 June 2019. The working language is English.

The closing ceremony will be held in September 2019 in Zagreb.

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