An Original Ice Cream Recipe Gives a Trip to Paris

The ingenuity of the students of the University of Primorska won at the All-Slovenia Ecotrophelia Slovenija Competition. Their original recipe of ice cream with flavour of buckwheat and sour milk opened them the way to the European Ecotrophelia Competition within the framework of the World Food Sial Exhibition, which will be held in Paris in October.

Ljubljana. For the eighth year in a row, the Chamber of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Slovenia announces the winners of the Ecotriophelia Slovenija Competition at the 16th meeting of the agricultural and food enterprises. At this time, six student teams participated in the Competition. The “Ajdova Dekl’ca” ice cream became the winner (literally — a buckwheat girl) with the flavour of buckwheat and sour milk.

The main objective of the Ecotrophelia Competition in the field of food industry innovations is the promotion of creativity, innovations and the development of new food products. It combines the Slovenian food processing industry with universities and scientists.

This is a valuable experience because students are able to develop innovative food product by combining complex elements of development — the technological, sensory, industrial, legislative and judicial, financial, environmental and marketing related elements.

The expert committee includes Tatjana Zagorc (GZS-ZKŽP and the chair of the committee), Clemens Brugger (an independent external expert), Master Darja Jamnik (Mercator-Emba), Janja Leban (the Environmental Protection Department of the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Slovenia), Master Mateja Juvančič (Ljubljanske mlekarne), Dr. Blaža Nahtigal (MKGP-UVHVVR) and Master Simona Rataj (GZS-Tehnološki razvoj in inovativnost). The ice cream with the flavour of buckwheat and sour milk was the most convincing for the experts.

According to the expert jury, all the products presented at the Competition are worthy of the highest evaluation. However, the convincing public presentation of the product, the structure and content of the explanatory technological process dossier and the last but not least organoleptic (sensory) properties of the product said for the winner.

“The Ajdova Dekl’ca ice cream is a functional food product because it is an excellent source of calcium and protein. Thanks to an innovative combination of the flavours of buckwheat and sour milk, this ice cream is a novelty in the Slovenian and European market. The most original component of the product is the calcium powder added thereto, which is obtained from the eggshell and has a very high biological value. The winning product is packed in a special foam packaging, which can be repeatedly recycled, and has good heat insulating properties,” — the organizers of the Competition explained.

The second place went to a product called “Cha Kombucha”, which is a refreshing probiotic fermented low-alcohol drink with the scent of mint and lilac. The third place went to a product called “Bonboniera Vida”, which is an organic, vegetarian and raw praline with high protein and fibre content of four flavours.

The authors of the “Ajdova Dekl’ca” winning product — the students of the University of Promorska, Tjaša Trobec, Peter Jantol, Tanja Črešnovar and Nina Mandelj, led by the Associate Professor Dr. Boris Kovač (the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Primorska) — will represent Slovenia at the Ecotrophelia European Competition. It will take place in the framework of the World Food Sial Exhibition, which will be held in Paris, in October.