Analysts’ Data and Statistics Indicate that the Year 2016 Will Set New Record for the Slovenian Tourism

All the more money goes on advertising of Slovenia.

“The statistics data on tourists visits to Slovenian in the first seven months of this year promises us the record-breaking result indices for the year,” the specialized minister Zdravko Počivalšek predicts.

At the press conference, Zdravko Počivalšek informs that during the first seven months, the number of arrivals increased by 13% and the index of tourists’ overnight stays grew by 8.1% as compared to July last year. The number of arrivals and overnight stays of both local and foreign tourists increased. According to the minister, Slovenia has a staunch reputation for an attractive and safe tourist country abroad. The minister expects that the figures will be even more optimistic by the end of August.

The director of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) Maja Pak believes that the further development of the Slovenian tourism industry will depend on the intensive PR campaigns, the clear positioning of Slovenia as an object of environmentally friendly, healthy and active tourism. “Slovenian tourism has never had such a large-scale and intensive work on the foreign markets as today,” she says. A significant fact is that in recent years, tourists have been more and more often choosing for relaxation those places, which, in their opinion, are safe.

Spend more money on advertising, and the result will not fail to affect

Currently, the STB has more funds at its disposal and spends all extra money on advertising. It has also prepared and conducted a number of events for experts and the general public. Maja Pak explains that the PR campaign extends to the new markets that previously were out of reach for the STB. It goes about such markets as Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the United States. The same as before, Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Russia remain the key markets.

One of the core tasks for the leading Tourist Board is to develop a commercial offer. Thus, Maja Pak gives a good example of the Slovenian “glamorous” Glamping Camp, which attracts prosperous visitors.

In the coming months, Slovenia will also hold a number of major professional events — a tourist board at the Bled Strategic Forum in early September; the Global Green Destinations Day, when Slovenia will become the centre for sustainable tourism advertising at the end of September; and the October Days of Slovenian Tourism, when the issue of developing a new strategy for Slovenian tourism will be at the focus of audience’s attention. At the same time, the STB is preparing to launch a new travel portal later this year.

Wealthy tourists also come to Slovenia

According to the previously defined areas of work, the STB improves the communication through Social Medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. “We demonstrate exceptional results according to the number of readers and likes,” Maja Pak says.

On the eve of the winter tourist season, a series of PR activities has been already scheduled before the end of this year. “A rich comprehensive advertising campaign on 13 markets is in full swing. It will last until the end of November and will focus on the key benefits of the tourism industry in Slovenia,” the STB director also mentions. On the agenda, there is also a series of exhibitions. In addition to the events on key markets, Slovenia will present its potential in Dubai and New York, as well as at the JATA Tourism Exchange in Tokyo.

A huge number of journalists and film crews, including those from the UAE and the US, are also coming to Slovenia later this year. “These facts highlight the growing attractiveness of Slovenia,” Maja Pak concludes.