Andrej Božič, the Director of the Steklarna Hrastnik Factory, Became the Best Manager in 2016

Andrej Božič became the Manager of the Year 2016 for his excellence in leading the Steklarna Hrastnik Factory. Božič took over the Factory in 2010, when it teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, and the losses were estimated at 4.4 million euros. Now the Steklarna Hrastnik is a successful export oriented company with revenues of more than 55 million euros (2015). In the 2014–2015 fiscal year, the Factory acquired the European Business Award for its original model of restructuring.

After being informed on his awarding as the Manager of the Year at the Congress of Managers in Portorož, Andrej Božič noted that he had managed to succeed due to consensus and trust. The Združenje Manager Experts noted that he was able to overcome the crisis without layoffs, so, according to Božič, uniting the common efforts of all employees is a good example for anyone who has an unconventional vision of the situation and who is not afraid to work on such projects, which would have seemed impossible to the majority of people.

The Steklarna Hrastnik is one of the famous factories in Slovenia. Its history goes back to more than 150 years. The Factory sells 95% of its products in foreign markets, such as Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel and Iran, where it reaches a 20–30% market share in the sales of glass products.

Last year, it invested 5.7 million euros in the three segments of production: glass packaging, glassware and glass accessories. The main purchase was a machine for manufacturing bottles of special shapes and perfume bottles (3 million euros). In the last 6 years, 36 million euros have been invested into the Factory upgrading.

Salaries Increased by a Third

Last year an added value per one employee at the Steklarna Hrastnik exceeded 42,000 euros, which is 49% higher than four years ago, and 22% higher than the average industry sector index. Last year the number of employees increased by 4% up to 762 people.

At the Steklarna Hrastnik Factory, the employees’ wages are regularly indexed, a system of bonuses is provided, and the career advancement and innovation awards are proposed. Since 2010, when Andrej Božič became the director of the Slovenian Steklarna Hrastnik Factory, salaries of workers have increased by one third. Over the last 3 years, the Company has developed 66 new brands of products.