Animal Shelter to Be Built in Ljubljana for 5.6 Million Euros

A new institution in the Gmajnice neighbourhood will be subordinated to the Ljubljana Zoo (Slovene: Živalski vrt Ljubljana).

In Ljubljana, a tender for construction, installation and commissioning works on the arrangement of a shelter for homeless animals has been officially announced. The municipality estimates the total budget for works on the site with the corresponding supporting infrastructure at 5.6 million euros.

The building permit was received in February this year. The construction process itself consists of 3 stages. At the first stage, nurseries for stray dogs, new administrative buildings, a warehouse and a technical facility with an electrical substation, a treatment plant, a fire reservoir and an ecological “island” will be built. The second stage involves the demolition of the existing building, where homeless animals are kept, the construction of a reception office and a veterinary clinic.

At the final stage, the current administrative building will be demolished to build a new cattery. The adjacent territory will be landscaped.

To obtain the necessary permits for specific facilities and perform all the works, the contractor is given 722 days. He must build the first 4 objects within 300 days after entering the contract. 210 days will be allocated to each of the two remaining objects.

The municipality of Ljubljana will accept offers from builders until 21 August.