Announcement of the Researchers Night Event

On the last Friday of September, the largest research event in Slovenia — the Researchers Night will be held.

Brežice, Izola, Koper, Ljubljana, Ljutomer, Maribor, Nova Gorica — The All-Slovenian Consortium, which includes the University of Maribor, the University of Primorska, the University of Nova Gorica, the National Institute of Biology, and the Franc Miklošič Gymnasium in Ljutomer, was selected for holding a series of events entitled “Science for Life”. The events will be held on the last Friday of September in a number of cities: Brežice, Izola, Koper, Ljubljana, Ljutomer, Maribor, and Nova Gorica.

The events will focus on the promotion of science and education in an entertaining form. While conducting experiments, presentations and workshops for adults and children, excursions to laboratories, popular science quizzes, etc., the participants will have an opportunity to interact with researchers and to assess their contribution to the economic development of the society. The consortium will also announce the “Science for Life” competition, which will be designed for students and freshmen.

The key objective of the “Science for Life” project is to popularize the profession of scientists and researchers as well as to demonstrate its opportunities to general public, especially to the youth. Through conducting various activities, the project reveals a socially important role of scientists and science and their impact on all spheres of human life. Simultaneously, the project provides information about the European funding programs and other activities aimed at developing research activities, equipment, and attractive working conditions.

The main event of the “Science for Life” project is the pan-European Researchers Night, which will be held in seven cities of Slovenia. The event is of particular interest for anyone who wonders what the science is, how it “works”, and what role it plays in our lives. This is a unique opportunity, especially for young people, which helps them learn various aspects of the attractive profession of a scientist and provides a basis for starting a career. Besides this is an opportunity to participate in interesting experiments, workshops, excursions to laboratories, and informal communication with researchers within a relaxed atmosphere of the festival. Young people will be able to find answers to the following questions: what does it mean to be a scientist, what are the scientist engaged with, how do they combine work with hobbies and family.

The list of confirmed participants includes the Koper Regional Museum, the Koper Central Library named after Srecko Vilhara, the Koper Centre of Experiments, the Statistical Service of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Society of Birds Observation and Study (DOPPS), Biobank LLC, and the Botanical Garden of the University of Ljubljana. The RTV Slovenija, Primorske novice and Radio Capris provide media support.

All pupils of the primary and secondary schools in Slovenia are invited to participate in this event. They can try their hand at photography, poetry or a short film development. The awards are quite tempting. An individual reward is waiting for the author of an article that will receive the highest number of “likes” in Facebook. This person together with his/her classmates will go on a one-day research excursion. The deadline for submitting articles is 15 September.


Additional information:

Lidia Novak, the University of Maribor (the leading partner of the Consortium), phone number: 031/522- 240, e-mail:

Mirella Baruca, the University of Primorska, phone number: 040/457-510, e-mail: