Applying for the Second Round of Admission to the University of Nova Gorica

Today, on 1 May 2018, the application process for the second round of admission to the University of Nova Gorica has started. This stage of the university admissions process will last until 1 July 2018. Documents are accepted for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD study programmes.

The University of Nova Gorica was founded in 2006. According to the international U-Multirank ranking, the University surpasses many higher educational institutions of the region (for example, the University of Graz, the University of Trieste, the University of Padova, and the University of Zagreb). According to the RUR (Round University Ranking) international ranking, which evaluates and ranks the best world’s universities, in 2016 the University of Nova Gorica has taken the high 203rd place and become a part of the world university elite.

The advantages of studying at the University of Nova Gorica is virtually an individual approach to each student, provision of modern facilities for research activities, intensive practical training, participation in governmental projects, diverse linguistic and cultural environment. An excellent location between Ljubljana and Venice, close proximity to Italy and the favourable climate of the region allows students to lead an active lifestyle throughout the year. Knowing the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, the University pays special attention to students athletes. The University provides an adapted study programme to students with the status of an athlete.

We invite all entrants to join the ranks of the Nova Gorica University’s students making a first step to the successful professional future!

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