Art Expo Ljubljana to Be Launched on 18 September

The contemporary art biennale will be held in the Ljubljana’s Institute Atelje Art Murn International (AAMI) for 14 days. 135 participants from 15 countries will present their works.

According to the organizers, the exhibition is intended to help artists who previously had no opportunity to exhibit their works. It will also promote the already known masters.

The Art Expo will involve more than 40 events and projects, from creative workshops and courses to concerts and excursions. Following the results of the exhibition, a catalogue with the works of its participants will be published.

The representatives of AAMI plan to open a gallery in Hong Kong in 2018. In such a way, they intend to present Slovenian artists in China, establish links with Chinese artists and invite them to Slovenia.

At the end of the biennale, the winner will be announced. The winner will receive a certificate, an award from AAMI and the right to present his or her works at an independent exhibition in one of the BTC City galleries.