Awarding the Winners of the National Competition for the Most Promising Business Ideas Among Schoolchildren in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, 10 winners of the national competition for the most promising business ideas among pupils of basic and secondary schools were awarded. The competition was held on Monday, 10 December 2018. It was organised by the state agency Spirit Slovenija and the Slovenian Fund for the Support of Entrepreneurs. The competition was held in the framework of the project “Let Us Implement Business Ideas of the Youth Together.”

The competition presented 32 business ideas formulated by teams of schoolchildren. The winners received 500 euros each (funding for the awards was provided by the Slovenian Entrepreneurship Support Fund) and the right to a three-month support from business mentors.

Business ideas were selected based on the potential for their further development and applicability. The following business ideas were chosen as winners: Ola nogavice – socks with anti-bacterial memory foam; Pihskalo – the body of a special musical instrument; FOGcheck – a device for studying fog; digital data tables to record the presence of students; Heijus – unique apple juice; Lactocheck-LGS – an application for measuring the level of gluten and lactose; Noutbuk – special personalised school notebooks; Plamen – a gravestone eco-candle; SmartGLASS – a sensor for determining the amount of liquid in a glass; and WiC paper – personalised tissue paper.

In 2019, during a meeting with the organisers, the winners of this competition will talk about the development of their ideas and the vision of their further application. The commission will then select the three most promising business ideas, the authors of which will additionally receive 1,000 euros for their further development.