Bard Iztok Mlakar Releases the Fifth Studio Album Porkaeva!

Bard from Slovene Littoral, Izok Mlakar, released his long-awaited fifth studio album Porkaeva! This event anticipated by his fans happened nine years after the release of one of the most sold in Slovenia music albums of the past decade ‘Romance brez krjance’.

In the new album called Porkaeva!, the bard is assisted by a musician David Šuliga. The album includes nine recently recorded tracks. In general, they are more optimistic than those that the author created earlier.

“The more years pass, the less pessimistic my perception of the world is,” tells Iztok Mlakar in his interview with the radio station Val 202, adding that irony, ironic distance, humour, laughter and smile are the fruits of maturity.

Fans of his work could listen to the song Šuolni before the album release in the theatrical hit Pašjon and at his concerts.

Iztok Mlakar is one of the most popular performers in Slovenia, bard and theatrical actor. The texts of his songs, as a rule, are written in dialects of Slovene Littoral. The songs Furlanka, Božična, Puntarska, En glaž vina mi dej became the all-time favourites. The singer avoids participation in large-scale events and prefers addressing a small audience.