Bela Krajina Trains Specialists of Scarce Professions

In total, 274 children study in the only secondary vocational school in Bela Krajina. The Črnomelj secondary school trains machine building and process engineers, metalworking engineers, CNC machine operators, toolmakers and other specialists of scarce professions.

The school trainees, among other things, master the profession of a machine-building process engineer in the CNC machine workshop being engaged in metalworking and TIG welding. The school workshop looks more like a real factory. Here students produce specific products for a particular customer under the guidance of mentors and teachers.

There is a high demand for engineers in Bela Krajina. Therefore, the school graduates will always have work. Employers’ interest in the specialists of the above professions is confirmed by the following facts: last year, the Akrapovič Company recruited 200 people, including 100 welders. The Livar Company from the settlement of Ivančna Gorica has a staff of 400 employees in its workshop in Črnomelj.

According to Tatjana Muhič, the Head of the Employment Service branch in Novo Mesto, the most in-demand professions in the Lower Carniola region (Slovene: Dolenjska) and in Bela Krajina are personnel for the manufacturing, processing and tourism industries. Besides, carpenters, metalworkers, motor vehicle mechanics, welders, electricians, truckers, mounters of various specialties and sanitary engineers are required.