Best Business Idea Contest — “Primorska Podjetna 2017”

The University Development Centre and the business incubator of the Slovene Littoral region (Primorska in Slovenian) announce a contest for the best business idea “Primorska Podjetna 2017”. For the 11th consecutive year, the doors open for everyone eager to find themselves in the world of business.

The deadline for filing applications to participate in the contest is through 31 March 2017.

Contest Categories

Rector’s Award of the University of Primorska for students, graduates, researchers and professors of the University of Primorska.

Optimist category for individuals and groups with no experience in business activities.

Navigator category for experienced businesspersons and teams of entrepreneurs.

Any company applying for participation in the contest should be no older than three years on the date of the contest announcement.

Contest Objectives

    • Promotion of entrepreneurship, a culture of entrepreneurship and business innovations among students, scholars, teachers, newcomers and experienced businesspersons.
    • Determination of the best business ideas and the best staff, assistance in launching a business and the subsequent creation of new jobs in the region.
    • Communication between the regional economy and the prospective staff (in academic sphere and on a larger scale) that have good business ideas and developments.
    • Commercialization of knowledge, emergence of new innovative start-ups based on the original knowledge and spin-off companies, as well as the organization of interaction between potential employers and other key players.

What Is New in the Contest

    • Enhanced cooperation with the local communities that recognize the importance of cooperation with the surrounding business environment. The Isola Municipality supports its contestants through a special monetary fund and the Koper Municipality is engaged in the organization of the contest.
    • Cooperation of contestants in selecting the awards. Contestants may note in their registration forms what business services they need to realize their business ideas.
    • An electronic application form allows future contestants to register quickly and make possible changes in the application.
    • Workshops shall start working during the registration period. Potential contestants and all concerned parties will be able to participate in two workshops where they will learn about the principles of applying for contests and the basic principles of presenting in front of the Commission (“pitchanja” in Slovenian).

Contest procedure

      • After reviewing the applications, the contestants will be invited to an open presentation. In the last week of April, 15 finalists selected by the Commission will be announced after examining the submitted business models and the evaluation of public presentations.
      • The events held within the framework of the contest will last longer than usual, because in addition to the thematic workshops that are important for understanding the business models, a two-day event will be held as part of the business incubator activity in cooperation with local businesspersons. In the summer, mentors will work with the teams selected as finalists.
      • In the autumn, the finalists should submit final versions of their business models and conduct presentations of these ideas in front of the Commission. It is expected that the contest will be completed in late November with awarding prizes for the best business ideas.

All workshops and events will be held on the first floor of the new business incubator premises, on the Čevljarska Street, 27 in Koper (in the ŠOUP building).The awards are granted in the form of a voucher with a package of consulting, PR and other services. This year’s prize fund is 30,000 euros.

Prize Money

  1. The Rector’s Award of the University of Primorska is 7,000 euros for the first place, 4,000 euros for the second place, 2,500 euros for the third place and a special award in the amount of 2,500 euros for a team of students if the list of winners includes no team purely consisting of students.
  2. Optimist category: 7,000 euros for the first place.
  3. Navigator category: 7,000 euros for the first place.
  4. Special Award from the Municipality of Isola: 10,000 euros for participants from the Municipality of Isola.

Details and additional information