Best Places to Live in Slovenia. The Most Prosperous Municipalities

What places in Slovenia have the highest wages, the lowest unemployment rate, the most profitable cost of housing, and the lowest crime rate? According to the Moje Finance journalists, the municipality of Železniki is the best out of 211 municipalities in the country. It is followed by another four municipalities of the Upper Carniola statistical region (“Gorenjska statistična regija” in Slovenian): Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Žiri, Gorenja Vas–Poljane and Škofja Loka. The overall rating of 211 municipalities can be seen in the online application Moje Finance.

What Is the Source of Information?

The research methodology is based on the total record of five criteria groups (economic potential of a municipality and its residents, population, crime rate, health, quality of infrastructure and housing) formed according to the analysis of 41 sub-criteria. The journalists processed in total over 10,000 facts. Varying degrees of importance, depending on the impact on the standard of living, have been assigned to each of them. The highest degree of importance—50%—was assigned to the criterion “economic potential of a municipality and its residents.” The “youngest” municipality Ankaran founded in 2015 was eliminated from the list of municipalities due to the lack of data.

Where Are the Highest Salaries?

The highest salaries—nearly 1,400 euros—are paid to the employees of companies in Cerklje na Gorenjskem. Their salary is almost a third higher than the national average (1,087 euros). In terms of salaries, they are even ahead of Ljubljana (1,156 euros) and Novo Mesto (1,148 euros). In five of the above municipalities of the Upper Carniola region, company employees are paid above the national average. In 31 municipalities, salaries are slightly over 1,000 euros.

Where Is it Easier to Find a Job?

“Everyone who is committed to work will find a job in our cities,” a hotel owner Bojan from Železniki and a master of embroidery Irma from Idrija note. In both municipalities, the unemployment rate is almost twice lower than the national average (10.4%). The lowest unemployment rate is recorded in three settlements of the Upper Carniola region: Gorenja Vas–Poljane, Žiri and Železniki. “Our cities are homes to very powerful companies, so we have hardly felt any effect of the economic crisis. The unemployment level during the economic crisis was low as well,” Anton Luznar, the Mayor of Železniki, adds.

The most economically developed municipalities are Idrija followed by Cerklje na Gorenjskem and Komenda. Such criteria as the cost of housing, its availability, and the performance index of companies were taken into account in addition to the level of wages and the unemployment rate.