The Best Restaurants in Slovenia (Austrian Experts Ranking)

The Austrian experts in the field of cooking ranked Slovenian restaurants and cafes. The Gault & Millau Guide and the famous Falstaff edition estimated the public places.

The new version of the Gault & Millau Guide can be found at the following link: It has been describing the Croatian and Slovenian food outlets along with the Austrian restaurants for several years. So, what food outlets in Slovenia do the Austrians like most of all?

The Gault & Milla Guide gives the first place in its ranking to a restaurant in Maribor called Mak, in which a chief cook from Styria David Vračko, a Kurt Cobain fan, works — 17 points out of 20 possible and 3 “hubs”. They have no menu,” Austrian critics wrote about their visit to the Mak Restaurant. “You will eat what is served to the table. However, after tasting dishes and evaluating them, you will never regret being deprived of the freedom of choice.” The tasters also noted a successful combination of price and quality in this food outlet.

The second place in the Gault & Millau Guide with 16 out of 20 possible points is shared by the Hiša Franko (Kobarid), the Dam (Nova Gorica), and the JB (Ljubljana) restaurants. The Austrians gave 15 points to such restaurants in Ljubljana as the Cubo, the Maxim, the Smrekarjev hram, and the Strelec, as well as the Vili Podvin (Mošnje pri Radovljica), the Majeriji (Slap pri Vipava), and the Pri Lojzetu cafe in the Zemon mansion. In total, the Austrians included 31 Slovenian restaurant into the Guide.

The Falstaff was evaluating the restaurants in Slovenia for the first time in the history.

This year, the Slovenian restaurants and cafes were evaluated by another group of reputable culinary experts from Austria — the Falstaff edition. Their research resulted in a bit different ranking.

The Falstaff gave the first place (95 points out of 100) to the Hiša Franko restaurant, the second place with 92 points — to the Pri Lojzetu cafe, followed by the JB restaurant with 91 points and the Denk and Mak restaurants owned by Vračko brothers with 90 points. The top ten also included the Rajh, the Grič, the Danilo, the Klinec, and the Valvas’or restaurants.