Bled Is Recognized as the Best Ice Cream Producing City

The Irish marketing agency Soolnua has recognized Bled as the world’s best city that produces ice cream. Local confectioners impressed the jury with a story about the Bled attractions reflected in a cone of Sladogled ice cream.

The head of the confectionery workshop in the Park Hotel Tanja Markel tells that the delicious contestant consists of three layers. First comes the black chocolate layer with raw cocoa beans. The middle layer has a taste of quinoa with almonds, cinnamon and raisins. The ice-cream last layer consists of cream mascarpone and is topped with caramelized walnuts.


However, the most popular dessert in Bled is cream cakes. According to Tanja Markel, they make up to 3,500 cakes each day. If all the previously cooked cream cakes were stacked on each other, a wall of 7 metres in height could be built around the Lake Bled. About 14 million cakes have been baked for the last 60 years. At the Bled confectionery factory, it was estimated that about 380 thousand litres of sour cream, over 863 thousand litres of milk, 6,759,130 ​​eggs, more than 112 tons of flour, over 300 tons of sugar, and over 78 tons of vanilla sugar were used for such a quantity of cream cakes.