Botanical Garden of the University of Maribor

Welcome to the Botanical Garden!

Do not miss the May exhibition of plants! Lectures on independent handling and maintenance of plants, a wide selection of seedlings, seeds, garden tools, publications, etc.

Майская ярмарка растений


Saturday, 7 May 2016

9:30 AM — Opening of the Naravne Gradnje exhibition (“Natural Constructions”), the secondary Maribor school for woodworking

10:00 AM — “What Is Going on with my Plants?”, Loreta Vlahovic, the GAIA Club

11:15 AM — Training activities for independent handling of plants, Anna Volk Korzhe, ERM

12:15 PM — Planting tall-growing plants (practical demonstration), Simona T. Zdolshek, DPBVUM

3:30 PM — 10 ideas for improving the process of independent plants handling, Sanja Lonchar, the Ognjič Association

Supporting activities for children:

11:00 AM — Children’s workshop with Mojca Rogl, DPBVUM

3:30 PM — Sports Games, Denis Podaj, DMKS

Sunday, 8 May 2016

9:30 AM — Handling of acidophilous bushes, Boštjan Kren, Drevesnica Kren

10:15 AM — An effective natural monitoring of snails, Majda Ortan, Cora Agrohomeopathie

11:00 AM — Sustainable gardening, Jerneja Joshar and Matic Sever, Vrtnarska hiša (Gardener’s House)

Supporting activities for children:

From 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM — Demonstration of the Japanese art of fencing and other sports games, Denis Podaj, DMKS


During the Fair, its participants will have an opportunity to purchase ornamental and vegetable plants as well as to visit the presentation of the local horticultural crops.

The Naravne Gradnje exhibition (“Natural Constructions”) will be held in the multi-functional hall. The students from the secondary Maribor school for woodworking will prepare this exhibition.

The price for admission to the May exhibition of plants is only 2 euros!