Bread, not Roll. Tomaž Tomažič Letonja and His Recipe for Tatar Buckwheat Bread Stuffed With Walnut and Chestnut Honey

A 21-year-old student from Maribor, Tomaž Tomažič Letonja, invented an original recipe of bread baked from wheat flour with an admixture of Tatar buckwheat dough and with walnut and chestnut honey filling. Now this bread is served to the guests of a local restaurant.

A very unusual kind of bread attracted the attention of participants of the Culinary Symposium in Portoroz.

The young man, who represented this bread, explained repeatedly that his product was not a roll, but a special kind of bread with the addition of Tatar buckwheat dough and nut filling inside.

For Tomaž Tomažič Letonja, a 21-year-old student of the Maribor Higher Vocational School of the Piramida Training Centre, the presented bread was in fact a completion of the previously implemented idea, through which he announced himself in early May at the knowledge and skills competition for students of the Slovenian biotechnical schools. This original recipe brought him 99 points out of 100 possible and the Golden Award respectively.

The “bread of admiration” is baked in small loaves.

Everyone, who eats this bread, feels interweaving of flavours, in which a light bitterness of Tatar buckwheat is scattered.