British Low-cost Airline EasyJet Increases the Number of Flights from Ljubljana to London

Starting from 5 December 2016, the British low-cost carrier EasyJet will operate flights between the Gatwick Airport (Gatwick, London) and the largest air harbour in Slovenia, the Jože Pučnik Airport (Letališče Jožeta Pučnika, Ljubljana — in Slovenian) four times a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The Aerodrom Ljubljana reports that according to the number of passengers, London is the most popular destination point in the Ljubljana airport. The first flight from Gatwick landed on Monday evening.

EasyJet has been flying to Slovenia since April 2004. At first, it served flights between the airports of Stansted and Brnik four times a week. However, the passenger traffic has grown significantly since that time.

The low-cost airline EasyJet has played an important role in the emergence of Slovenia on the map of the most famous tourist sites, to which flights are operated regularly. To date, EasyJet has carried out nearly 9,748 take-offs and landings in the Ljubljana airport and transported slightly less than 1.3 million passengers to/from Slovenia.

The winter schedule of flights refers 15 flights from the Jože Pučnik Airport to three London airports. Except EasyJet, the famous low-cost airlines also include the Hungarian carrier Wizz Air that flies to the London Luton Airport and to the Belgian Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Currently, the share of passengers using the services of low-cost airlines in the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is 14.2%. According to the airport officials, next year this figure will grow.

On 4 April 2017, the Dutch low-cost airline Transavia will start flying to Amsterdam three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), while only three low-cost carriers will be able to offer at least 20 flights per week to the passengers of the Ljubljana airport.

The third largest European low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle also reflects on the opening of the Slovenian airline route. As the Slovenian online publications reported a few weeks ago, the representatives of the Norwegian Air Shuttle said that Slovenia and Macedonia were included into the scope of the Company’s interests, which was continually expanding network of routes between the countries of the former Yugoslavia.