The British Press: Ljubljana and Bled Are a Paradise for Tourists

Tourist objects in Slovenia appear in many European guides and rankings of the most reputable international publications.

In its list of cities best suitable for winter walks, the Guardian has chosen 10 tourist places communicated with the Foggy Albion by the low cost flights.

This list includes Ljubljana, which is described by the Guardian journalists as a cheerful and “very green” city. At the same time, they emphasize the voluntary restriction of traffic in the Old Town. In addition, the Publication does not forget to mention the future first lady of the United States Melania Trump.

Ljubljana struck the British newspaper journalists with its architecture, bridges and festive stalls with mulled wine. They advise to enjoy a cup of coffee in the Čokla and Daktari restaurants, dine in the Taverna Tatjano and Špajza, and certainly enjoy horsemeat. Tourists are also advised to be sure to visit the local market.

Ljubljana was listed together with Poprad (Slovakia), Baden-Baden (Germany), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ostersund (Sweden), Poznan (Poland), Zagreb (Croatia), Tromso (Norway), Memmingen (Germany), and Sibiu (Romania).

Bled za introvertirane

Lovers of Solitude Are Advised to Visit the Slovenian Vineyards and Blade

Slovenia has also recently hit the pages of Huffington Post listing 11 places, which are to be surely visited by all introverts at least once in their life. “Travelers introverts prefer to avoid crowds, spending nights in big hostels and noisy entertainments. They are more attracted by an individual rise to a mountain or unhurried study of tourist attraction,” this is how a tourist-introvert describes his preferences on the website of the American publication.

Among the 11 sites selected by the Huffington Post, there are forests, beaches and capitals. Journalists distinguish Bled with its tranquil atmosphere among the attractions of Slovenia. At the same time, journalists recognize that all Slovenes dearly love this jewel of the Upper Carniola Statistical Region (Gorenjska statistična regija— in Slovenian), so they are already introducing other proposals for the lovers of solitude, such as hiking in the Slovenian vineyards, camping or valleys with wildflowers.