Brothers Miha and Nejc Pešec Share the Secret of Cooking Burgers

The brothers left their successful business in the field of information technology and launched a restaurant. They serve burgers, steaks and other meat dishes according to their author’s recipes. In parallel, they teach the Slovenes the art of cooking meat on grills of high quality.

The brothers cooked their first burger almost 20 years ago. They adhere to minimalism when cooking burgers. Meat, interesting sauce, caramelized onions, lettuce and bread. The only exotic additive is mayo with wasabi. According to Miha, it generates a pleasant taste. In the brothers’ restaurant Kralj žara Steak & Smoke House at the Congress Square, they grill burgers. This is one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant menu.

“Two gentlemen, who bought from us sawdust for smoking, offered to open a restaurant together. And here is the result,” Miha recalls the history of opening the restaurant in the Trubarjeva Street. Now the restaurant is working on the Congress Square.

In Kralj žara Steak & Smoke House, the brothers use American prime meat (of the highest class), because they believe that Americans have excellent elite beef varieties. They cook burgers from meat of dry and wet ageing, which differs in taste.

“Meat of dry ageing has a very specific taste similar to Gorgonzola cheese, which can be felt while tasting a burger. Burgers with meat of wet ageing have a rich taste,” the brothers say.

What parts of calf carcase are used for cooking the dish, remains a secret. The only thing Miha notes is that to cook burgers, it is necessary to use fibrous collagen meat, otherwise it will fall apart on the grill. Meat for burgers should also contain at least 30% fat.

In January, the brothers plan to develop their culinary offer, somewhat changing the menu of bread and sauces.