Car Free Day

The 16th European Mobility Week is celebrated in Slovenia from 16 to 22 September. It will end on 22 September with a Car Free Day event.

The organizers of the mobility campaign mention that joint trips can be carried out in several ways:

Sharing Bicycles

In some cities of Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Velenje, Murska Sobota, Piran, etc.), there is a bicycle sharing programme or a bikeshare. It involves a possibility of borrowing a bicycle at one share station and return it to any other bicycle station in the same city or town.


People arrange in groups and in turn drive each other to work, study, or home. The most popular Internet portal in Slovenia, where you can find a fellow traveller or a driver, is

Car Sharing

Short-term car rental is designed for short-distance travels around the city or between cities. In Slovenia, such a system is available from July 2016. In many cities, it is possible to rent an electric car.

The 2TM representation office in St. Petersburg supports the Slovenian campaign and recalls that in the city there is a similar programme called ‘Cycling to Work’.

We arrange an energy station in our office, where during the day we will warm bicyclists with a kind word, hot tea with cupcakes and bananas, and take photos of cheerful sporty people.

Join us!

Address: Vvedensky Channel, Office 214.