Career in the Institutes of Europe (EU): Event Announcement

On 6 April, at the Maribor University’s Philosophy Department, a free workshop on the “Career in EU Public Institutions” will take place. During the workshop, the possibilities of employment and training in the European Union establishments as well as the EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) tests will be discussed.

This event is intended for the students and graduates who are interested in working within the international environment and who wish to know the ways of finding a job in the European state institutions.

The workshop will start at 04:00 PM in room 0.2.

To register, please visit the website of the Maribor University Career Center.

Tamara Shilyak, an EU Careers Staff Ambassador, is the workshop author. The PIP Center and its Europe Direct Maribor and Europe Direct Murska Sobota information centers act as the workshop organizers in cooperation with the Maribor University Career Center.

The workshop is available for everyone at the following address: Koroška cesta 160, Maribor, room 0.2.