Carinthia Features a Demand for Qualified Personnel from the Balkan Countries, Russia and Ukraine

The companies of the Carinthia region, in view of the personnel shortage, recruit workers from abroad, mainly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from other Balkan countries, Russia and Ukraine. There is a strong demand for carvers, locksmiths, polishers, electricians and other technical specialists. This is reported in the regional office of the Employment Service.

From January to August 2018, the region’s employers registered almost 3,000 vacancies. The most demanded professions are truckers, drivers of heavy cargo transport and forklift, operators of machines for the production of textile, fur and leather goods, turners, cleaners, barmen, waiters, welders, health personnel, tutors and teachers of basic schools.

In the Tab Mežica company, foreigners already make up one fifth of all employees (136 people out of 650), in Metal Ravne – 8% (81 people). Two foreign carvers work in Ravne Systems. The lack of specialists is also experienced by local companies working in manufacturing, construction and tourism.

According to the Employment Service, in June 2018, the unemployment rate in the region was 7.2%, while the average rate for Slovenia was 7.9%. Employers of Carinthia, taking into account the current demographic and personnel situation, suggest at the legislative level to accelerate the procedures for employment of foreigners.