Children Managed to Live Out Their Dreams

According to the children’s recommendations, students and schoolchildren developed a “dream machine”.

Just imagine a school backpack that could independently fill and empty itself and follow its owner riding on wheels, or a mechanical octopus that could teach children to swim, or a toboggan that sings songs.

All these are dream machines that due to the efforts of schoolchildren and students left their paper images and were embodied into real live prototypes.

Ten years ago, the international brand MyMachine in Belgian launched the initiative that aimed at promoting creativity in the learning process, integrating thereby all levels of education system. Last year, the initiative was joined by Slovenia on behalf of the Instituta Jožefa Stefana (IJS) employees.

Дітям вдалося

Yesterday they opened the second MyMachine Slovenija exhibition in Rampa Labu, Kersnikova Street 4, which will be open for visitors until 24 June.

This year, 6 kindergartens, 10 secondary and primary schools, 11 faculties and colleges took part in the project. At the initiative of IJS, the schoolchildren of the first triad and some children from kindergartens learned how to create their “dream machines” within the creative workshop. Later students and senior schoolchildren helped them choose one design layout for further amendments and implementation.

According to Michaela Chrnko from IJS, “Pupils and students are often very ambitious. However, their ideas and solutions are technically difficult to implement in such a short period of time. Therefore, sometimes they could be somewhat disappointed. They must realize that a prototype is not the final product, which can be found in the stores’ shelves.”

Дітям вдалося втілити у життя

Alesh and Vasja from the Educational Centre in Nova Gorica together with their classmates made a useful household appliance, which is not only a children’s dream, but also a desirable device for many mothers. A “pancake dispenser” (palačinkomat) is a seriously equipped machine that occupied the minds of designers the most when solving the problems of mass dosing on a baking surface. At the exhibition, a group of students and schoolchildren presented advanced designs of the prototype capable of baking a pancake for 15 seconds. The children have not yet baked any pancakes. However, they have already tested successfully the machine in the classroom.

As a result, a lot of schoolchildren inspired by searching practical solutions have decided to continue their studies in the directions of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, etc. Students, participating in more demanding projects, may receive a master’s degree or a scholarship from some companies. Of course, the smallest inventors also remain more than satisfied, even despite the fact that the gazillion of their ​​ideas usually remains unrealized.