China Invests over 55 Million Euros in Maribor

The municipality of Maribor has estimated that, for the period from January 2013 to September 2017, 12,461 Chinese tourists visited the city. Given that, on average, each of the tourists spent 110 euros a day, the city received revenue of more than 1 million 370 thousand euros.

The municipality also reports that China invested about 56 million euros in Maribor. Besides, 660 million euros were additionally invested in the airport. The city considers the contract signed with the world’s largest construction company China State Construction Engineering Corporation to be a major achievement.

The following direct and indirect Chinese investments in Maribor were named in the municipality of Maribor:

  1. Aerodrom Maribor, purchase of the company and operating expenses (January–December 2017) make 13.5 million euros,
  2. VLM, purchase of the company and operating expenses (January–December 2017) make 7 million euros,
  3. Vila Mari, purchase of real estate amounts to 2.2 million euros,
  4. TAM, purchase of the company, real estate and operating expenses (April 2013–December 2017) amount to 25 million euros,
  5. RTS24, purchase of the company and the main capital make 2.2 million euros,
  6. Vinag Construction, construction of the neighbourhood amounts to 5 million euros,
  7. Other smaller investments estimated at 1 million euros,
  8. Total: 55.9 million euros.

The project of cooperation with China is substantially the project of Maribor’s opening to the global market. It is planned that after the successful implementation of the first big investment projects, the policy of attracting investment and promoting tourism will also be linked with other big foreign markets, such as Russia, Indonesia, Brazil.