“Christmas Tale” Show in the Mozirski Gaj Park

A light show in the Mozirski Gaj Park offers a magical Christmas and New Year entertainment.

After the success in Chazhma (Croatia), the renewed light performance called “Christmas Tale” appeared in Slovenia – in the Mozirski Gaj Park.

For the first time in its history, the park is open to visitors in winter. Until January 7, 2017, the magical performance will complement its fantastic atmosphere. Half a million of fascinating multi-coloured lights will create a Christmas miracle. This was the idea of Ana Bertić, the committed project leader.

Ana Bertić arranges the project together with Zlatko Salaj’s children – Alen Salaj and Cora Geitner Salaj. Those were their dreams that made the first “Christmas Tale” come true in their own house in Chazhma. Now the place for a festive miracle is found far beyond Croatia.

Dynamic Environment as a Challenge

Ana Bertić opted the Mozirski Gaj Park for several reasons. “The Mozirski Gaj Park is a large and very diverse place, which does not only present the horticulture, but also the traditional open-air facilities. Multiple streams and the Savinja River run through the park. It is located almost in the centre of Slovenia, in an area where continental tourism is well developed. It is an additional guarantee that “Christmas Tale” in the Mozirski Gaj Park will be available for many people,” the organizer says.

The natural location of various gardens in the Mozirski Gaj Park allows the placement of several light shows, because every garden is unique on a set of colours and effects in its atmosphere and environment. “The Japanese garden is dominated by red, but there are corners decorated with modest and calm tones, where every visitor can stay alone for a while,” Ana Bertić says and adds that words cannot describe the true beauty of a fairy tale, you can only experience it by yourself.

A variety of performances and activities are held for visitors during the exhibition, and Santa Claus has already come to visit children and brought gifts to them. A few more outstanding events will take place before the exhibition is closed. Every day, the park’s visitors can enjoy warm tea and buy souvenirs.

Source: delo.si