Conference on the Transition of Economy to Digital Format Using Space Technologies

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technologies, the Spirit Slovenija State Agency and the Russian space agency Roskosmos will hold a three-day research and business conference dealing with the Transition of Economy to Digital Format Using Space Technologies in Ljubljana on 18–20 April 2018. This is a pilot project of said Ministry, which is striving to strengthen cooperation with Russian state structures, to establish business ties between Russian and Slovenian companies and institutions in the digital economy.

In parallel, such events increase the opportunities and prospects for cooperation between various subjects of international business and scientific organizations within the framework of the New Space global project, and also allow for the exchange of knowledge, experience and lay the foundation for subsequent mutually beneficial business cooperation.

The conference will be held at the Noordung Centre for Space Technologies in Vitanje and in the Modri Salon Hall of the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana. The event will bring together companies and institutions working in the field of innovative digital projects with an emphasis on space technologies.

Registration for participation is open until 9 April 2018. In addition to the application, companies wishing to participate in the conference must provide a short presentation in the ppt format and a short promo video.

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