Construction of a New Building of the Primary School in Ajdovščina Is Finished

After seven years of construction, bankruptcies of contractors and design changes, pupils will very soon sit at their desks in the new school building. The sum of 6.1 million euros is the final cost of the new school building, designed for 650 pupils from Ajdovščina.

Ajdovščina — The construction of the new school building has been lasting for as long as 7 years, but next week with the first day of classes, it will be almost forgotten. The new school building is both a “cemetery” of two bankrupt construction companies-contractors as well as an example of bad design.

“Of course, we have not yet fully returned to the normal rhythm of work, because we are still at the stage of resettlement and preparation for the new school year. However, now we will have to wait just for seven days and not for seven years. We are very satisfied,” the headmaster of the Danila Lokarj primary school Irena Kodele Krashna expressed her satisfaction. Equipment for the new school building has been already installed. Arrangement of library is one of the last left important questions.

School with 4 additional classrooms, a decision on the construction of which was adopted last year, is located on the total area of 5,000 m2. It has 27 classrooms, a hall, a multimedia auditorium, a library, and 13 rooms. As a result, the school costs 6.1 million euros, wherein the relevant ministry provided 2.8 million euros and the local municipality gave the remaining amount. 

Župan Tadej Beočanin says that he can give a sigh of relief at last, because one of the long-awaited and most important investment projects in Ajdovščina has been finally implemented. “The municipality decision to add four additional classrooms to the yet unfinished school building supported by teachers and parents proved to be correct, because the current demographic trends also speak in its favour. Of course, we are happy with a growing number of young families and children, because it indicates the economic infrastructure and the revival of the city.”