Contest of Innovations for Teachers and Students of the University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana has announced a contest of innovative ideas and projects in various fields of scientific knowledge and in the field of entrepreneurship.

The sponsor of the contest is the Rector of the University, Professor Igor Papič. The prize fund is 6 thousand euros. The Rector of the University of Ljubljana will award the authors of the three best works in April this year.

The first place winner will receive 3,000 EUR, the second place winner will get 2,000 EUR, and the third place winner will get 1,000 EUR. All three winners of the contest, with the support of the Ljubljana University Business Incubator, will be able to use the services of leading professional consultants on innovation marketing.

Applications for participation will be accepted through 15 March 2018. The contest participants are students, graduates (for the last 3 years), scientists and teachers of the University. They will be are able to evaluate the commercial potential of their ideas and projects, receive support in their development, entering the market, receiving financial support, as well as attracting investors and entrepreneurs.