Airy Cream Cakes from Bled

Indeed, the real cream cakes cooked according to the original recipe from Bled will be a pleasant surprise for your beloved ladies on the International Women’s Day.


500 g puff pastry

Yellow cream (lower layer):
1.6 l milk (creamy)
9 eggs (or 10 smaller eggs)
300 g sugar to the mixture of egg yolks
100 g sugar for whipping egg whites
180 g flour (if the flour is very soft, use half portion of coarse flour and half portion of fine flour)
20 g vanilla sugar (2 bags)
1 tbsp rum (or 2 if you like the way rum tastes)

White cream (upper layer):
500 ml whipping cream
0.5 tbsp powdered sugar


Preparing puff pastry and choosing a baking mold:

Roll out the pastry a cm/half an inch bigger than the mold size because the pastry will shrink a bit during the baking. Put the pastry on a baking tray and poke it with a fork so it does not rise during the baking. Bake it for 10–15 minutes at about 200 degrees Celsius or until golden brown. It is better to bale the pastry on a flat baking tray since it will be easier to get the baked sheet out of the oven.

If the baked pastry sheet is too large, you can cut it taking into account the cream cake mold diameter. The baking mold should be the size of 35x25x7 (length, width, height). It will be enough for cooking 15 cakes of similar height and shape. Put one layer of baked pastry on the bottom of a baking mold.


The richer is milk, the better the cream will be. We recommend using the homemade or the farm-produced milk, which is higher in fat than the store-bought milk. Take about 200 ml of non-boiled milk to use it in egg mixture, and boil the rest 1.4 l.

Separate yolks from whites. Put egg whites into a deep bowl, and egg yolks — into a small bowl.

Put together egg yolks, sugar, vanilla sugar, rum, flour, and milk specially left for the mixture of egg yolks. Whisk thoroughly the mixture with a mixer for 1–2 minutes until a smooth texture.

Whisk steadily the egg whites slowly adding sugar. Do not add all sugar at once as the cake may fall off. Whisk the egg whites until stable peaks. Gradually pour the egg mixture (yolks) into the boiling milk stirring it all the time. We suggest using an electric mixer for stirring because after a couple of minutes it will be very difficult to use a whisk as the cream will start thickening.

Do not use a big kitchen spoon for mixing, as it will form lumps. After pouring egg mixture into milk, continue boiling it for 3–5 minutes more constantly stirring.

The mixture must be kept lightly boiling on small fire. Do not increase fire too much. Otherwise, the mixture will stick to the pot bottom or burn.

As soon as the egg mixture is ready, most people say that they failed to cook cream cakes or that they would serve their cream cakes with a ladle.

So, this is actually the main trick. Be sure to have a very large whisk for whipping. The egg whites must be in a very deep bowl since you do not add them to the boiling creams, but vice versa, you should add the boiling creams to the beaten egg whites. The best way is to have someone help you pouring the egg mixture into the egg whites. So, when the egg mixture is ready, we slowly pour it into the whites, and the other person has to continuously stir or whisk it. If we pour the egg mixture too fast, the whites will quickly stiffen and form lumps. Better to do it slower than too fast. Besides, take care about the mixing process. Do not shake up as if stirring with a large kitchen spoon. Use a whisk to make circular motions while lifting the mixture. The stirring should last for maximum a minute. Then pour the mixture into the baking mold, in which you already have one layer of puff pastry. Spread the mixture evenly around the mold and put it aside to cool down a bit. After the egg mixture cools down, add there your whipped creams and cover with the second layer of baked pastry.

It is better to pre-cut pastry into 15 equal pieces and then put it on the top of the creamy base instead of performing this process vice versa.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

If you follow the precise proportions of the ingredients listed in the recipe and the exact sequence of steps, you will succeed.

Bon Appetite!


If you are interested in the caloric content of one piece a la carte, it makes 1.4–1.6 of daily intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates per person if cooked according to the given recipe in the amount of 15 pieces. This index facilitates physical work such as an office one.

RDA = Recommended daily allowance

Calories — 378  = 19% RDA
Protein — 9 g = 24% RDA
Fat — 19 g = 27% RDA
Cholesterol — 183 mg = 61% RDA
Sugar — 35 g = 68% RDA

Calories — 378  = 15% RDA
Protein — 9 g = 19% RDA
Fat — 19 g = 21% RDA
Cholesterol — 183 mg = 61% RDA
Sugar — 35 g = 54% RDA