Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Belokranj Bread or Fuline


  1. 400 g stale bread,
  2. 5–6 eggs,
  3. 300 g boiled-smoked ham (or fresh chicken meat, pork ribs or veal – to taste),
  4. parsley,
  5. 1 onion,
  6. a bit of fat.


Cut the bread and ham into small cubes. Fry the onion in fat and add it to the cut ​​bread and ham. Beat the eggs and add bread to the egg mass so that it is well soaked. Add parsley. Manually form a loaf with a diameter of 7–10 centimetres, and wrap it with the baking paper previously greased with fat. Bake for about 20–25 minutes at 180 ºС. When ready, remove it from the oven, let it cool slightly, cut into slices and serve with fresh salad.