Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Mežerli – Dish of Pork Lungs, Bread, Rice, Eggs and Spices


  1. pork lungs,
  2. 0.5 kg white bread,
  3. 200 g rice,
  4. 3–4 eggs,
  5. pepper,
  6. salt,
  7. marjoram,
  8. 1 big onion.

Photo: Designed by Združenje turističnih kmetij Slovenije


Cook and grind pork lungs. Put aside the water remaining after boiling lungs. Cut bread into cubes. Cook rice and add eggs, pepper, salt and marjoram. Fry the onion and add to the above mentioned ingredients.

Mix everything together and, if necessary, add the water remaining after boiling the pork lungs. Bake for 30–60 minutes at 200 ºС.

A green salad goes well with this dish.