Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Prežganka – Soup with Flour, Cumin and Scrambled Eggs

Preparation time: 30 minutes.


  1. 1.5 tbsp pork fat (butter or vegetable oil),
  2. 1 full tbsp flour,
  3. a pinch of cumin,
  4. a bit over 1 L water,
  5. 1 cube of Vegeta seasoning or chicken broth,
  6. 2 eggs,
  7. salt,
  8. finely chopped parsley,
  9. 1 tsp butter,
  10. bread cubes.


Put the fat into a deep frying pan, sprinkle with flour and fry to a bright golden-brown colour on a low heat stirring constantly.

Add a pinch of cumin. Then, as a persistent odour appears and the cumin starts popping, immediately pour cold water (this is necessary to avoid lumps), mix well, salt, add a cube of chicken broth or Vegeta seasoning. Cook for 15 minutes.

In parallel, beat two eggs (it is possible to use 1 egg and 1 white) and pour slowly the egg mass into the soup while constantly stirring. Cook for another 5 minutes.

In a skillet, melt 1 teaspoon of butter and fry the bread cubes (left from yesterday’s roll or bread) until crust. Serve the bread cubes fried to golden crust together with the dish in a separate plate. The ready dish can be decorated with finely chopped parsley, pepper or garlic and bay leaf.