Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Šmorn (Praženec)

A delicious egg dish for breakfast. Preparation time: 30 minutes.


  1. 2 eggs,
  2. 30 mg sugar,
  3. 120 mg flour,
  4. a pinch of salt,
  5. ¼ litre of milk,
  6. raisins soaked in rum (to taste).


Separate the whites and whip them into stable foam. Mix the remaining ingredients, then add the white foam, and mix again.

Dissolve the butter in a pan and pour the egg mass onto it. When the mass is slightly thickened, sprinkle it with raisins soaked in rum. When the šmorn has a pronounced brown colour from below, cut it into several (4) small pieces and turn it over, even if it is not thickened from above.

When the dish is baked on both sides, cut it with forks, but not too small, and stir for a while on the fire until ready. Sprinkle with sugar and serve.

Instead of raisins, soaked in rum, you can add sliced apple and buckwheat flour, and 1 teaspoon of sour cream when the dish is baked.