Work in Slovenia: Current Job Offers

Hot vacancies: Policija, Kino Šiška, ZPIZ, Helios TBLU, etc.



The Police of Slovenia offers jobs to police officers.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. age of 18–60 years,
  2. physically qualified,
  3. secondary / secondary vocational education,
  4. no arrests, previous convictions and open criminal proceedings,
  5. Slovenian citizenship, permanent registration in the EU,
  6. valid driver’s license of B category.  

Documents are accepted by regular mail before 21 October 2016 (MNZ RS, Urad za organizacijo in kadre, Štefanova ulica 2, 1501 Ljubljana). Read more on the Police official website.

Kino Šiška

Kino Šiška

The Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture is in search for administrator/SEO optimizer for an active Internet promotion of the Kino Šiška Company.

Qualification requirements:

  1. experience in administration of websites,
  2. experience in administration of all social media (Facebook, IG, TW, Snapchat),
  3. experience in preparing and carrying out mass mailings via e-mail (Mailchimp ipd.),
  4. strategic approach to the KŠ online promotion,
  5. strategic approach to the development of online campaigns for software units, responsibility, creative approach to solving work tasks,
  6. a possibility of permanent work in the Kino Šiška office,
  7. basic knowledge of programming fundamentals and Kino Šiška activities (music, cinema and visual arts).

The following knowledge and skills will be welcomed:

  1. good knowledge of e-mail distribution services,
  2. deep knowledge of advertising on Facebook and GoogleAds,
  3. knowledge of web analytics (Google Analytics, e-poštni marketing, etc.),
  4. knowledge of mass media,
  5. a deep knowledge of music, films and fine arts.

Contract until the end of 2017. Probationary period: three months. Salary — € 1,000 gross (for a three-month trial period — € 800 gross per month).

Please, e-mail ( your resume (CV) with a description of your experience and a list of the most important tools/soft, with which the applicant is familiar, and a proposal for the development and expansion of the Kino Šiška web-presence through 10 October 2016.

Read more on the website.

Pension and Disability Insurance Centre

The Pension and Disability Insurance Centre

The Pension and Disability Insurance Centre (ZPIZ) invites new employees.

A position of specialist is available for the candidates who meet the following requirements:

  1. knowledge of computer networking, Microsoft Office,
  2. knowledge of trends, concepts, methodologies and tools in the development and/or management of information systems,
  3. at least 4 years of work experience,
  4. higher education, Master’s degree in computer sciences and informatics,
  5. knowledge of the Slovenian and one more foreign language.

The following knowledge and skills will be welcomed:

  1. experience in project management, systems analysis and design of IT solutions in large systems,
  2. deep knowledge in systems analysis, design and development of IT solutions, project management,
  3. knowledge of development methodologies based on UML/RUP,
  4. experience in working with tools for designing and modelling various solutions (the IBM Rational or of a similar type),
  5. knowledge of databases, the SQL language and tools to develop and manage data models,
  6. SOA and BPM knowledge,
  7. basic knowledge of XML, HTML, WS, JS and related technologies.

Applicants must provide a resume, curriculum vitae indicating experience of similar work, and documents confirming its existence. Contract for an indefinite period. Probationary period: 6 months.

Applications can be sent to or via regular mail (Zavod za pokojninsko in invalidsko zavarovanje Slovenije, Služba za razvoj kadrov in upravljanje poslovnih procesov, Kolodvorska 15, 1000 Ljubljana, marked as: “prijava na razpis IT”).

Application deadline: 15 October 2016.

Read more on the Centre’s website.

Publicis one

Publicis one

The Publicis Advertising Agency is in search for an employee with experience in project management and knowledge of advertising.



The Adin Company will hire one or two employees with experience in web programming — an experienced web developer and a mobile developer.

Applicants are required to possess:

  1. knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5,
  2. desirable skills of working with AngularJS PHP, MVC, SQL, Linux,
  3. desirable knowledge of hybrid mobile applications,
  4. preferred experience in working with IoT.
  5. Contract for an indefinite period. Probationary period: 3 months.
  6. Salary from 1,000 to 1,500 euros.
  7. Applications with an indication of work experience should be sent through the online form of registration. Applications are accepted until 21 October 2016.



The EVT-Sistemi Company is in search for a director.

Applicants are required to possess:

  1. higher education with a degree in natural and engineering sciences, management, or economics,
  2. at least 5 years of work experience in managing small and middle business enterprises or structural units of a large company,
  3. knowledge of the labour safety and environmental protection fundamentals, standards of quality systems, and basic knowledge of waste management,
  4. communication skills in the Slovenian and English languages,
  5. sociability,
  6. commitment,
  7. constructiveness, teamwork, creativity.

Applications with a biography, recommendations and supporting documents should be sent through the online form of registration. Applications are accepted until 22 October 2016.